Erotic Massages for Women

erotic massage for women

For any of our massages for women or couples massages, the female recipient can choose either a male masseur or a female masseuse.

Thai Zen erotic massages are intended for both men and women; For this reason we also have the best male erotic masseuses in Barcelona, in our objective of completely satisfying the desires and needs of our clients.

At Thai Zen we offer a wide variety of erotic massages for women, so you can try new experiences or awaken new emotions. You will find the most exciting massages in oriental tatami, massages in tantric divan, or massages in water made in our exclusive Thai pools.

Our sensual masseuses will travel every corner of your body using oils and natural essences to awaken the senses and maximize sensations. You can enjoy relaxation and sexuality in an exclusive and relaxing environment, where the exotic oriental decoration and luxury invite you to discover the pleasure of the senses.

Unleash your most erotic fantasies with erotic massages for women in Barcelona by Thai Zen, and feel your body naked and delivered to the pleasure traveled by the professional erotic female masseuse or male masseur of your choice. Come and discover new sensations thanks to our beautiful masseuses, experts in erotic massage and tantric massage. In Thai Zen you will find unique pleasures thanks to our extensive knowledge of the most exciting oriental techniques or the millennial Tantric tradition and the Yoni massage, which will take you to absolute ecstasy.


Choose any variety of erotic massage from our menu and abandon yourself to unknown pleasures while expert hands go through your body or enjoy the exciting body-to-body contact, as in the exotic Nuru Massage, an unequaled erotic experience from Japan.

If you do not know which one to choose, or have any questions about erotic massage for women, contact us by phone and we will be happy to help you:

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