Interactive Erotic Massages

interactive erotic massage

The interactive erotic massages of Thai Zen is a modality that raises erotic massages to a new level. We show you a new way to discover the pleasure of the senses and enjoy the touch in an experience of exciting sensuality.

Interactive massage or mutual massage allows you to participate actively in the experience, interacting with the fully integrated masseuse. A new perspective for erotic massage that enhances sensations and increases excitement.

With the selection of interactive massages offered by Thai Zen you can go through the completely naked body of a spectacular erotic masseuse, who will guide you and teach you how to caress a woman’s body, while enjoying the touch of her skin. All this, in an environment where every detail (decoration, lighting, aromas, body oils, etc.) accompanies to make the experience unforgettable.

You can choose between the mutual massages performed on tatami or in our exclusive Thai pools, such as our spectacular Nusa massage, which perfectly combines both elements and allows you to also enjoy the soft touch of a sculptural body in water.


    (Unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    The Nuru massage brought to the maximum exponent with active ozone.

    Massage carried out in three experiences. The first part in unique and exclusive tantric divan for Thai Zen, in which you will feel a corporal and erotic explosion created for you.

    The second part on tatami with nuru gel, in which the completely integral masseuse will interact with you.

    The third part consists of a dry foam shower with active ozone together with the masseuse. This last part has been prepared by Thai Zen with the best exclusive products. An inimitable experience Participate in the most erotic massage in the world with double relaxation.

    Duration: 15 minutes on divan 50 minutes on tatami 15 minutes of foam shower

Nuru Massage in Thai Zen
    (Unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    Massage carried out in three experiences. The first in tantric divan, unique and exclusive for Thai Zen, in which you will enjoy the eroticism of the masseuse in erotic lingerie.

    The second part consists of a fantastic mutual body body massagerelaxing on tatami, with hot and aromatic essential oils.

    Finally, a third part in the wather thai pool, fully interactive and highly erotic and with the completely integral masseuse, which allows the client to reach extreme relaxation.

    Unique treatment for people with special sensitivity. Develop your senses and enjoy your touch by participating in a different experience.

    Massage of one relaxation.

    Duration: 10 minutes on the couch + 35 minutes on the tatami and 25 minutes on the water thai pool

    * Promotion not applicable to this massage

    Massage performed on tatami exclusively by two completely integral masseuses. It is divided into two parts: the first 25 minutes with a masseuse and the next 25 minutes with another masseuse. Only during the change of masseuse will enjoy 4 hands for 5 minutes.

    Unique, fully interactive and erotic experience, with hot essential oils.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Massage made on Thai tatami with aromatic oils and special creams for massage. Fully interactive, erotic massage with a completely integral masseuse that allows the client to participate in the experience of collaborating with the masseuse.

    Very original treatment for people with special sensitivity. Develop your senses and enjoy your touch, participate in a unique and highly erotic experience.

    Massage of one relaxation.

    Duration: 60 minutes

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