Erotic Shower Massages in Barcelona

erotic shower massage

Without a doubt, the erotic shower with a beautiful woman is one of the most common fantasies, and an extremely exciting experience.

At Thai Zen we have a wide variety of erotic massages so that you can fully enjoy the experience and make your most erotic fantasies come true. For this reason, we constantly create new and exciting possibilities that will make you discover the true pleasure of the senses at the hands of the most sensual erotic masseuses in Barcelona.

New massages with Erotic Shower in Thai Zen

We have incorporated the erotic shower massages into our massage menu, with which you can enjoy an interactive experience with a beautiful and expert fully integral erotic masseuse. The new erotic massages of Thai Zen combine experiences in different environments such as the classic oriental tatami, the tantric divan or the exclusive water pools, and as a culmination, you will share a shower with a sensual and explosive masseuse and you will be able to enjoy her silky and sculptural body under hot water.

Our erotic shower massages offer you a body-to-body ritual of water and foam, where the masseuse will elevate her excitement to the maximum with her sensual movements and caresses, and that will undoubtedly delight the most demanding.

Do not hesitate to visit our Thai Zen erotic massage center if you want to live an unforgettable experience with the most exclusive and pleasant erotic massages in Barcelona.


  • Massage Thai Shiva
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    5 senses massage and two relaxations, performed with 6 hands. Taken from the hidden book of God Shiva and specially adapted for Thai Zen.

    The massage is divided into 3 environments: classic tatami, Balinese pool combined with Turkish sacks and finally an erotic shower. An experience that cannot be explained, exclusively for sybarites who love pleasure and unique sensations.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 40 minutes on tatami + 30 minutes in a water pool and 10 minutes of erotic shower

  • Massage Besakih
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    This massage is the fusion of several star Thai Zen massages. Double relaxation massage performed in fine lingerie.

    It would begin on the tantric divan moving to the classic tatami and culminating in a relaxing and wonderful dry foam shower with active ozone.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 15 minutes on tantric divan + 45 minutes on tatami and 10 minutes of foam shower

massages with erotic shower Barcelona
  • Massage Aloe Nuru
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    The Nuru massage taken to the maximum exponent with active ozone.

    Massage carried out in three experiences. The first part in unique and exclusive tantric divan for Thai Zen, in which you will feel a corporal and erotic explosion created for you.

    The second part on tatami with nuru gel, in which the completely integral masseuse will interact with you.

    The third part consists of a dry foam shower with active ozone together with the masseuse. This last part has been prepared by Thai Zen with the best exclusive products. An inimitable experience Participate in the most erotic massage in the world with double relaxation.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 15 minutes on divan + 50 minutes on tatami + 15 minutes of foam shower

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