Erotic Massages for Couples

Erotic massages for couples in Barcelona

The Thai Zen Erotic Massage for Couples is designed so that you and your partner discover new and exciting experiences and can enjoy new forms of eroticism. We have created absolutely pleasurable experiences for couples who dare to flee from monotony and routine, in which they will be able to interact both with the masseuse or masseuses, and with each other, thus discovering a whole world of sensations and new forms of pleasure.

With the erotic massage for couples in Barcelona you can surprise your partner with an anniversary or birthday gift that is out of the ordinary, or simply fan the flame of passion in the relationship. Open your mind and allow your bodies to enjoy new forms of sexuality and eroticism, without taboos or prejudices, and enjoy sexuality to the fullest.

In Thai Zen you will have the opportunity to enjoy an erotic massage as a couple with one or two masseuses. Our beautiful and sensual masseuses will awaken all the inner fire of you and your partner, with the most exciting techniques of erotic and tantric massage. In addition, they will be able to learn new seduction techniques and discover new erogenous points that will allow them to raise pleasure to levels that were unknown until now.

Undoubtedly an unforgettable and extremely exciting experience to enjoy as a couple, to discover new shared pleasures, and obtain maximum relaxation after a wonderful lingam or yoni ending. Discover the advantages of our erotic massages for couples:

  • Learn Tantra techniques as a couple. You will discover professional erotic massage and tantric massage techniques, from the hands of our expert and sensual masseuses.
  • Discover all the erogenous points of your partner’s body. So that they can experience sensations and pleasures that they have never experienced before and that they will no longer be able to forget.
  • Awaken your inner sexuality and enjoy new ways of understanding sex and eroticism. In this way they will keep alive the flame of their sexuality that time had extinguished.
  • Strengthen your intimate ties and your common desires. They will get out of the day-to-day routine and will be able to recover that passion that languishes with the daily environment and monotony.
  • Enjoy our suite in privacy. At the end of the massage, you and your partner will have a few minutes to enjoy your privacy surrounded by the dim light of candles, evocative fragrances, and ambient tantric music, to make your visit to our center memorable.
  • In Thai Zen you will have comfortable facilities and an evocative atmosphere so that you can abandon yourself to pleasure. You will be able to enjoy the Asian-inspired luxury, comfort and maximum hygiene of our facilities.
  • Total privacy and discretion. Without awkward crossings or prying eyes, at Thai Zen we take great care of privacy so that our clients can free themselves and enjoy the pleasure of the senses.

Come to know the erotic massages for couples of Thai Zen. We offer you an unforgettable experience to escape from the daily routine and discover new and exciting sensations with your partner with our erotic massages for couples.

In Thai Zen you will find a comfortable and exclusive environment, designed and decorated to enjoy the pleasure of the senses. An inspiring and relaxing environment that invites you to let yourself be carried away by sensuality.

You can enjoy with your partner with our expert tantric masseuses and unleash their fantasies. Surprise your partner with an interactive body experience with our sensual masseuses that will allow you to discover, experience and explore unknown pleasures.

Our Nuad Thai body massage is a erotic massage for couples that is performed on oriental tatami, fully interactive with one or two fully integrated masseuses.

Discover new sensations, give free rein to your most erotic fantasies and enjoy with your partner a unique experience for couples with special sensitivity.

After an hour of massage, you will have 15 minutes of courtesy in private in our luxurious facilities, acclimated with every detail to abandon yourself to the pleasure of the senses.


    All our massages on an oriental tatami or in a water pool, also for couples. Participate with your partner in a unique erotic experience with our masseuses. Experience your sense of touch with our masseuses, in a treatment full of new sensations for couples with special sensitivity.
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