Erotic Massages in Thai Pool

erotic foam massage in thai pool

If you want to know new sensations that will exceed your expectations, do not hesitate to try the exclusive erotic massages in Thai Pool in Thai Zen.

The massage rooms of our luxurious facilities have exclusive Thai pools, a water area where erotic massages reach a new level. Through the use of natural oils, warm creams, foam and hot waters, we offer new variations of massage in Thai pool with our beautiful masseuses.

The Thai pool is a stone construction in the form of a small swimming pool designed for massages with water, which allows you to enjoy with spaciousness and comfort of this variety of massages imported from Southeast Asia.

Choose from our wide range of Thai pool massages, where you will find also interactive experiences and with the integral masseuse, who will apply oil or foam with your body, or others that offer combinations with Thai tatami or tantric divan.

Special mention should be made of our exclusive Visnu and Besakih foam massages, brought from the Turkish hammams exclusively for Thai Zen, and which are two of the most complete experiences to discover the pleasure of the senses and achieve extreme relaxation.


  • Massage Thai Shiva
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    5 senses massage and two relaxations, performed with 6 hands. Taken from the hidden book of God Shiva and specially adapted for Thai Zen.

    The massage is divided into 3 environments: classic tatami, Balinese pool combined with Turkish sacks and finally an erotic shower. An experience that cannot be explained, exclusively for sybarites who love pleasure and unique sensations.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 40 minutes on tatami + 30 minutes in a water pool and 10 minutes of erotic shower

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  • Massage Vishnu
    Brought from the Turkish hammams (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    One of our star massages, enjoy the five senses. Done on a tantric divan, in which the masseuse will be dressed especially for you with an erotic surprise.

    Then she will move onto the dry tatami, where she will relax you with a combination of pressure and warm oils.

    Next, in the pool of water, the masseuse applies the oil to her body, to continue with a foam ritual with a combination of hot water and warm creams. A treatment full of eroticism and passion performed with the forearms to achieve a continuous sensation of well-being, with hammam-style foam (special Turkish bag for foam massages).

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 15 minutes on divan + 35 minutes on tatami and 25 minutes in the water pool

  • Massage Shambal
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    Massage performed in three experiences. The first in a tantric divan, unique and exclusive for Thai Zen, in which you will enjoy the eroticism of the masseuse in erotic lingerie.

    The second part consists of a fantastic mutual relaxing body-body massage on tatami, with hot and aromatic essential oils.

    Finally, a third part in the pool of water, fully interactive and highly erotic and with the completely integral masseuse, which allows the client to reach extreme relaxation.

    Unique treatment for people with special sensitivity. Develop your senses and enjoy your touch by participating in a different experience.

    Double relaxation massage.

    Duration: 10 minutes on divan + 35 minutes on tatami and 25 minutes in water pool

  • Massage Nusa
    (unique and exclusive for Thai Zen)

    Massage performed in two parts, part on a dry tatami with hot essential oils and part in a water pool.

    Completely interactive and innovative, it allows the client to participate in the erotic experience of collaborating with the completely integral erotic masseuse both dry and wet.

    Unique and original Thai Zen treatment for people with special sensitivity. Develop your senses and enjoy its unique touch, participating in an extrasensory experience.

    Massage of one relaxation.

    Duration: 30 minutes in tatami and 30 minutes in a water pool

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