massages with a happy ending

Barcelona Happy Ending Massage

Are you looking to enjoy a Barcelona Happy Ending massage? In our Thai Zen erotic massage center you will find a wide repertoire of the best massages with a happy ending so that you can relax and leave behind stress and daily routine.

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erotic gifts for valentine's day

Erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day

Before discovering the best gift to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable day, let’s learn a little about the history of this special day for couples.

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yoni massage

Yoni Massage in Barcelona

Today we are going to talk about yoni massage, a kind of massage that is quite unknown. It is a massage technique for women that comes from an oriental esoteric current that has thousands of years old: Tantra.

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lingam massage

Lingam Massage in Barcelona

Lingam massage is one of the specialties that you will find in our tantra massage center in Barcelona. Our sensual erotic masseuses await you to offer you the best lingam massage in Barcelona, an almost mystical experience of pleasure and total relaxation that will allow you to channel all your sexual energy. Come to our Thai Zen massage center to enjoy the unknown levels of pleasure that tantra offers in the hands of our beautiful and expert masseuses.

If you still do not know the lingam massage, read on to discover one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences.

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nuru masseuse

Nuru Massage in Barcelona

In Thai Zen we have reinvented the Nuru Massage. We have extended this exceptional technique of erotic massage of Japanese origin, creating a massage that consists of three experiences and that will allow you to experience a combination of the most exotic pleasures of the Orient.

But let’s first know what the Nuru Massage consists of. Let’s discover everything about this exceptional erotic massage technique.

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tantra massage

What is a Tantric Massage?

Have you ever wondered what a tantric massage is? Today we want to clarify that, like the word “tantra”, there are many misunderstandings and misuses of the term “tantric massage” or “tantra massage”. Many relate it wrongly with a massage with “happy ending” or, in other words, with a mere sexual release. In fact, it is very common to see using “tantric massage” to refer to these practices, so it is not surprising that confusion has spread.
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Erotic massage in Barcelona

Discover Erotic Massages

Next, we explain what erotic massages are and their positive consequences for the health of the organism and the mind. But you have to be aware that these techniques did not appear overnight, but evolved over time to become what we know today, so we also want to tell you a little about their history.

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Erotic Thai Massage

Thai Zen is an erotic massage center in Barcelona of Thai inspiration, and the Erotic Thai Massage could not be missing in our menu. Our entire center has a relaxing Thai atmosphere and decoration, and our erotic massages combine techniques from the ancient oriental tradition based on Tantra. We have traveled all over the East to bring you the most exciting experiences, such as our Vishnu Massage, brought from the Turkish hammams, or our renewed version of the Nuru massage, the exciting erotic massage from Japan.

Today we are going to know the massage that inspired our erotic Thai massage: the Thai massage.

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mobile world congress tantra massage

Mobile World Congress 2018, relax with our erotic massages

One of the most important events of the year is approaching in the city of Barcelona, the Mobile World Congress 2018, and at Thai Zen we are already prepared to offer the attendees exciting experiences with the best tantra massage, which will make your stay in Barcelona Be unforgettable.