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Lingam Massage in Barcelona

Lingam massage is one of the specialties that you will find in our tantra massage center in Barcelona. Our sensual erotic masseuses await you to offer you the best lingam massage in Barcelona, an almost mystical experience of pleasure and total relaxation that will allow you to channel all your sexual energy. Come to our Thai Zen massage center to enjoy the unknown levels of pleasure that tantra offers in the hands of our beautiful and expert masseuses.

If you still do not know the lingam massage, read on to discover one of the most exciting and relaxing experiences.

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The god Shiva, usually venerated in the form of a lingam (phallus).

What is a lingam massage?

The lingam is a massage of the male genital area, healing and invigorating, which is part of the tantra, and which uses the highest levels of pleasure to reach the divine consciousness.

In this same article we will explain in detail how to perform a lingam massage, with all the steps to follow to achieve a unique experience and reach new levels of pleasure.

Lingam massage is a practice that is part of Tantra or Tantrism. For the tantra, the ecstasy of pleasure, achieved with the right practices, can liberate man and lead him to spiritual fullness. According to tantric philosophy, pleasure can reveal the divine consciousness (allowing man to recognize the divine consciousness in all things), it is the same representation of the divine state.

In tune with this line of thought, Tantric philosophy is characterized by using a sexual symbology to represent the universe. This representation of the universe is expressed as the union between the masculine and the feminine.

Thus, for tantra, as for Hindu religion, the lingam is represented by the symbol of the phallus, and constitutes a symbolic representation of the god Shiva in sanctuaries. Shiva in turn represents fertilization in nature, the masculine principle or consciousness. In front is Shakti, the representation of the feminine, energy and movement. Shakti is represented by the Yoni, a symbol of the vulva, which we will discuss in future publications.

From the perspective of Tantric philosophy, the lingam must be introduced into the yoni, representing the union that sustains and gives life to the universe.

lingam in temple

Venaration of the lingam in the temple.

Therefore, the lingam (also called linga or sivalinga) represents more the masculine energy than merely the male sexual organ or phallus. The penis is a “rod of light” channeler of sexual pleasure and masculine energy. It is a millennial term that has its origin in the Sanskrit and that counts, in addition to the one mentioned above, with many and varied meanings.

The objective pursued by lingam massage is not merely focused on the physical body that receives it, but on the various energetic fields that are part of it. The complete relaxation of man is sought, and he reaches the connection with his most sensitive part, deepening in the perceptive capacity of his body.

The lingam massage is focused on stimulating and activating the male sexual chakra, thus awakening all the sexual energy flow. During massage, this energy flows through the entire body and breaks down barriers, fears and insecurities. The sexual chakra for Tantrism represents the union between body, mind and spirit, and in man it is found in the lingam.

This practice has, therefore, a lot of therapy and allows, through ecstasy, man to reach the connection with his most sensitive part and expand his consciousness through a new way of absolute pleasure, mystical and pure, leaving behind tensions, traumas and any painful sensation.


Lingam massage step by step

  1. First, to carry out the lingam massage, you must create suitable conditions for relaxation. It is about getting a comfortable and relaxing space that allows the recipient to reach the mental state necessary to fully enjoy and immerse themselves in the sensitive torrent that will travel through your body during the massage.
  2. Therefore, dim lighting (for example, with candles), subtle yet evocative fragrances, and rhythmic and slow rhythmic music or sounds are recommended.

    lingam massage barcelona

    Thai Zen Barcelona

  3. Before starting the massage, a relaxing bath or shower is also recommended, which helps to clear the mind and reach a balance that allows the man to be more receptive.
  4. It is recommended that the recipient and the masseuse are naked to enjoy a unique experience and maximize the sensations of the massage.
  5. The receiver adopts a passive role in this type of massage. You should lie on your back, with your back resting on cushions that raise your trunk and head, so that you have visual access to the entire massage. Your legs should be well separated and slightly flexed, thus adopting a comfortable position and exposing the genitals, in an attitude of openness and absolute devotion.
  6. The breathing must be conscious, in a deep and slow way, and it is fundamental to reach the desired relaxation and connection with the sensations.
  7. Lingam massage is a process that takes time, and should be respected. It is essential to use the time necessary to achieve powerful sensations that run throughout the body through the channels through which vital energy flows and is distributed, the nadis.
  8. The massage should start with the legs and thighs, then go through the abdomen and chest with slow movements and varied pressures, in a relaxing prelude that precedes contact with the man’s lingam.
  9. Next, the masseuse will apply aromatic oil or lubricant on the lingam and the testicles, and gently massage the scrotum and testicles of man.
  10. Then, she will focus on massaging the perineum and pubic bone while initiating the massage on the lingam proper. It will travel from bottom to top, varying the pressure and the speed of the movements. The masseur will alternate her hands to hold the base of the penis while it runs, first ascending repeatedly, and then in reverse.
  11. Finally, the masseuse will massage the head of the lingam with circular movements, alternating pressures once more.
  12. In order to maximize the pleasure and canalize all sexual energy generated in a succession of ups and downs, the masseuse will decrease or interrupt the contact when the man feels the need to ejaculate.
  13. Finally, while continuing to massage the lingam, the massage will focus on the sacred point, located in the center of the perineum. Increasing the pressure on this point if the time of ejaculation is approaching, is a very effective technique to postpone and prolong the ecstasy.
  14. If the man decides to ejaculate, he must maintain deep breathing to enhance sensations that will allow him to experience new levels of pleasure, after having postponed the moment in successive occasions.



As is clear in previous lines, lingam massage offers many benefits for physical and mental health. For example:

  • It promotes the release of emotional blocks and has positive effects on self-esteem.
  • Through relaxation, it helps to eliminate stress and anxiety.
  • It is also useful for the treatment of sexual dysfunctions. It allows to transform the urge to ejaculate into new forms of pleasure outside the orgasm, even beyond the physical plane.
  • It allows to acquire greater knowledge, awareness and control over one’s own body.
  • It helps to awaken sensuality, expanding the ability to perceive pleasure and allowing the connection with the most sensitive part of man.


Lingam ending vs. Happy ending massage

tantric massage in barcelona

Tantra massage.

In the West, the use of the term “lingam massage” has been popularized to refer to erotic massage with masturbation. This is due to a great ignorance of the philosophy and the ancient tantric knowledge and of the millenary techniques used, as well as to the simplification of its symbology. With these circumstances, immersed in a vacuum of information, and influenced by the appearance of tantric symbolism, we see that it is usual to equate “lingam massage” and happy ending massage, or use the expression “lingam ending” in reference to this type of massage.


Without trying to detract from the erotic massages, which have many beneficial effects for both physical and emotional health, there are substantial differences. In the lingam massage, pleasure is not the objective in itself, but the means through which fullness is reached, the senses are awakened and a new form of ecstasy is discovered that surpasses consciousness with a pure and mystical joy.


Remember that in Thai Zen we have the best masseurs, and we are experts in tantric massage and erotic massages. Choose here among our massages and book now to enjoy the best experiences.

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