erotic gifts for valentine's day

Erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day

Before discovering the best gift to make Valentine’s Day an unforgettable day, let’s learn a little about the history of this special day for couples.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated on February 14, also known as “Valentine’s Day” or “Day of Love and Friendship”.

The origin of the celebration of Valentine’s Day is Christian, and it commemorates the works made by Saint Valentine of Rome, related to love. The Catholic Church established this holiday as a counterweight to those of pagan origin that took place in the Roman Empire.

From a secular point of view, Valentine’s Day represents the festival of love and friendship, and it is a day in which lovers exchange gifts to celebrate it.

What to give on Valentine’s Day?

Like every February 14, a real avalanche of the most typical gifts of this date is coming … and also the most boring and not very original!

Namely: flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, a jewel, maybe a dinner with your partner … But if you want your gift to be something special and unforgettable, you are fed up with the usual, and you want to surprise your partner and show your love for an original and different way, we recommend erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Not sure which erotic gift to choose?

Choosing the ideal erotic gift for your partner can be a complex task. It is not as simple as choosing the color of a tie, and if you want to hit the mark with the surprise you must take into account some important aspects.

We advise you how to choose the best erotic gift:

1. Flee from the traditional

Whether you already use erotic toys and accessories or not, we recommend not resorting to typical sex toys. Vibrators, flavored lubricants, etc. They are fantastic options to liven up the day to day, but not for a gift that you want to surprise with on a special day.

valentine's day erotic gifts

2. Value their tastes and preferences

We already know that, as the typical phrase goes, each person is different. And if we refer to the sexual sphere, it is even truer and more relevant. To get your erotic gift right and to be able to risk a little more, you must take into account if your partner has a sufficiently open mind to more unusual practices. You should also know their tastes in sexual matters.

3. Delivery matters too

To end your choice, deliver your gift by surprise or in an original way, in a way that enhances the experience and creates a unique and indelible memory.

If even following the above tips and knowing your partner well, you have not just found the ideal erotic gift so that this year Valentine’s Day is something different and spicy, keep reading because we present below a selection of the best.

The best erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day

We will not beat around the bush, let’s start with the best erotic gift to enjoy the day of love in the most spicy and original way!

As we have mentioned, even if you are the most daring and have chosen to make an erotic gift for Valentine’s Day that stimulates your sexuality, be careful! We are in the XXI century, and many erotic gifts have already become very unoriginal topics. Some of them are: erotic lingerie, the most common sex toys, or lately the omnipresent clitoral sucker.

If you really want your partner to hallucinate on Valentine’s Day, nothing better than our star recommendation: give an erotic massage for Valentine’s Day.

erotic massage for valentine's day

Without a doubt, an erotic massage is a unique and exciting experience, and as a gift it is a true proof of love. But, in addition, it can be not only for your partner, but also for both, if you decide to give one of the erotic massages for couples of Thai Zen.

Consult our selection of the best types of erotic massages and discover the most exciting, exclusive and unforgettable experiences to surprise your partner, get out of the routine and make Valentine’s Day a truly special day this year.